Home Improvement’s Mini Makeovers

houseIf you are living in urban areas, you must have missed the sights that usually greets when you are in the rural areas especially in your hometown. Rural references are usually characterized with barnyard imagery, weathered finishes and images of vintage farms. Rural feels and aesthetics are usually relaxing so adding them in your home is highly recommended.

Don’t you know that you can install these kinds of fixes at your urban home? According to leading home builders in Houston TX, by doing so, you can be able to add rural rhythm and harmony inside your home. If you have no idea what kind of style to utilize, here are some of the basic suggestions that will truly captivate your home improvement desires, keechicreekbuilders.com:

Country revival mini makeover: There is nothing more delightful than installing a rustic red door against the white walls of your modern house. To add more texture and sentimentality, you can also reclaim floorboards to provide patina or reference from the distant past.

Simple structure makeover: You can do a good job in your kitchen by utilizing farmhouse elements. The output will be a modern functional farmhouse kitchen that is cheerfully bright and easy to use. This type of modern farmhouse kitchen is characterized with plank floors, ceilings that are wood clad, open shelves, board cabinets and etc. The overall tone is something rural yet chic.

Dimension makeovers: If there is one element that you can add to your private and living quarter to make it have a country style, it is the board and batten wall. Most home builder designers nowadays are utilizing this style to bring a country flavor inside the modern house. You can simply paint the wooden clad walls with breezy blue for a modern twist.

Adding organic elements: Most modern kitchens are too shiny. If you want to add rural elements in your kitchen, consider adding cap base cabinets designed with countertops made of concrete. This type of touchable fixture will give balance to the modern kitchen’s shiny and smooth fixture. Other excellent rural countertops are non-porous soapstone, earthen tones and etc. These countertops are shifting colors from charcoal gray to black as the age.

Continental link makeover: If you want to reinterpret your newly built functional space, you can borrow ideas from continental farmhouses like French chateaus, Spanish haciendas, American farmhouses and even villas in the Tuscan region. This type of style is characterized with ceilings made of mounted beams, door headers, rafters and floorboards.

If you need assistance with your home improvement style, you can always call the professional interior designers in town. You can also browse online samples for more inspiration.