Secrets from Houston, TX Air Conditioning Repair Experts to Prepare your Unit for Summer

Summer Air Conditioning Preparation

Air conditioningIt is the time of the year to enjoy the outdoors. Yes it is finally summer and for sure everyone is excited to go to the beach or spend the summer vacation somewhere away from home. It is definitely a season where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors together with family and friends. On the other hand, it is not the case for everyone. Those who are stuck with work at home or in the office, they will have to endure the extreme heat. Good thing if you have an air conditioner at home, as it can really help in cooling your head, click here.

Save yourself from stress and extreme heat this summer by having your air conditioning unit inspected as early as possible. You might be surprised that the AC unit is not functioning properly, which means it cannot convert air from warm to cool. To start your summer at home refreshing and cool, learn more from the experts in air conditioning repair in Houston, TX.

There are some things that you can surely do on your own to get your AC unit prepared for the summer. First is the simplest and easiest – cleaning or replacing the air filters. How long has it been when you last inspected and replace the air filters? The accumulated dirt and dust in the air filters could be one of the reasons why it’s not giving off cooler air or its efficiency is reduced. It is recommended to have the air filters cleaned and replace twice a year, or depending on how often you use the unit.

After you are done with the air filters, it is time to check the condenser coils of the unit. Typically, the condenser unit is found outdoors. Do you see a large fan inside a metal box? It is the condenser unit and it is one of the vital parts of the AC in converting air. Since it is located outside, it is most likely exposed to outdoor elements like leaves, dirt and other outdoor debris. The condenser unit must be free from any debris, as this could affect the efficiency of the AC. In cleaning the coils, you must clean both coils from the outside and from the inside. Be sure to remove the protective panels and turn off the unit.

Another integral part of the AC unit is the coolant lines. These are essential to prevent the refrigerant pipes or tubes from losing energy. The coolant lines act like an insulation to the refrigerant pipes. If you notice that the coolant lines are missing or worn out, it must be replaced. You can install foal insulation sleeves by yourself. On the other hand, it would be best to get the job done accurately by the experts. Otherwise, you will end up with a costly air conditioning repair in Houston, TX. Repairing AC is part of of home improvement that should be done properly.

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